Private DNS for a VPN...

Eric none at nospam.npm
Tue Apr 4 15:19:22 UTC 2006

"Netfortius" <netfortius at> wrote in message
news:e0sng7$219m$1 at
> You may not need a whole book for this, unless I misunderstand your
> requirement. I believe almost all decent VPN solutions should be able to
> the IP address of an internal DNS, to the client, together with the client
> address, and other stuff - via dhcp. I am doing it with Netscreen, but -
> your request was in reference to open source - here is a "lucky" finding
> Google:
> ... look at:
> push "dhcp-option DNS"  #push DNS entries to client
> Stefan

Oh, yeah.  <Duh!>  VPN implimentations should have some sort of internal DNS
service anyway.  Makes sense..


I think I'll pick up the O'Reilly book still as I've always wanted to,
eventually, learn how the how DNS hierarchy works in public.  Done it
locally but thats pretty straightforward.

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