"out of zone data" with bind-9.3.2

ccx264 at coventry.ac.uk ccx264 at coventry.ac.uk
Wed Apr 5 14:36:37 UTC 2006


I have recently upgraded my bind to bind-9.3.2 from bind-9.2.  However,
when I start the daemon I now get a lot of out of zone data messages
which I didn't before.

The way I have it configured is I have one zone, but 4 subdomains.  The
hosts in these subdomains are in seperate files, and are added to the
main zones' records with include directives.  The top of the each of
these files contains an $origin statement.

so it looks like this.

main file.

$include Header < SOA record >
$include Example < hosts in example.com >
$include subA < hosts in subdomain A >
and subdomain A file looks like this:

host1       IN             A          x.x.x.x
host2       IN             A          x.x.x.y

The odd thing is that although I get the errors logged, the out of zone
data is not ignored, and the DNS works fine.  It just takes a few
seconds longer to start up as it logs all the messages, and obviously
fills my logs up with unwanted messages.

Any idea how i can get bind to believe that the subA is a subdomain,
not a zone and therefore is not out of zone data?


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