dynamically updated zone and $GENERATE

Sten Carlsen stenc at s-carlsen.dk
Wed Apr 5 22:34:18 UTC 2006

I think this depends upon how the $generate statements are interpreted.
I would believe that they are just a kind of shorthand for writing long
and systematic sequences.
So, in short:
If it works like the cpp C-preprocessor with C, it should be fine to use
it with dynamic updated zones for providing the basic content.
If on the other hand the processing of $generate statements is closely
intertwined with the other operations, they should be impossible to use
with dynamic updates.

So the question is: how does bind process $generate statements before
initially loading the zone or after loading it?

I don't know, maybe somebody else does on this list.

Kevin Darcy wrote:
> andrey.lakhno at gmail.com wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is it possible to use $GENERATE/$INCLUDE in dynamicaly updated zone
>> with latest BIND 9 ?
> I don't believe so. Once Dynamic Update is enabled for a zone, then 
> named "owns" the zone file and writes whatever it wants to it, whenever 
> it wants, which is probably going to wipe out your $GENERATEs and/or 
> Use nsupdate or some other Dynamic Update client to maintain the zone's 
> "manual" data. If the data in your $GENERATEs and/or $INCLUDEs are 
> static, then you just issue the relevant nsupdate commands one time to 
> achieve the same result. If, on the other hand, your $GENERATE/$INCLUDE 
> data tend to change fairly often, then you'd be wise to insert some 
> scripted nsupdates into your change process.
>                                                                   - Kevin

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Sten Carlsen

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