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Thu Apr 6 15:45:17 UTC 2006

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Well the * matches anything that is not already defined. Even if you
have a small number of them the point is that I don't want to have to
interact with the DNS in order to create them. These are sub domains
that could potentially be created or destroyed several hundreds of times
a minute. The Idea is not to make the customer wait for them to have
access to what they need. I have in the mean time found a work around
that at least works for now. One that lets me ignore the DNS half of the

For those that are still interested. The problem is slightly worse than
described above. All of this creating and destroying of domains
essentially happens out side of my ability to observe these changes, so
even if I wanted to automatically change the DNS, which I don't, I
couldn't because I wouldn't know what sub-domains to create or get rid

Anyway thanks to all that responded

Steve Lamb

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> The purpose I have for using this cname is to essentially brand a
> service with a different Domain. Essentially one company provides a
> service that we are reselling to our customers. It is like having our
> webmail run on someone else's server and it manages several domains.
> the url to get to each branded webmail is different. The problem is
> because we want other services provided on the same brand and
> domain we need to keep control of the domain. 
> Steve Lamb

	And the "*" matches how many names in the target domain?
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