"out of zone data" with bind-9.3.2

ccx264 at coventry.ac.uk ccx264 at coventry.ac.uk
Tue Apr 11 08:51:25 UTC 2006


I have fixed this.  Whilst getting the files info for Mark I noticed
something which I hadn't spotted before.  The zones which had out of
zone data where giving syslog error messages mentioning
host1.mis.mis.coventry.ac.uk, rather than host1.mis.coventry.ac.uk.  It
was then easy to track down the error.

It looks like the behaviour between bind-9.2.3 and bind-9.3.2 has
changed and now warns to syslog when the following occurs:

1)  A $include statement specifies a zone as an option after the
filename, and the file has a $ORIGIN statement, eg:

include file:
$INCLUDE /path/to/file subdomain.example.com

$ORIGIN subdomain
host1         IN         A

previously bind would only append subdomain once, and silently
disregard the other, now it appears to append both, hence we got the
host1.mis.mis.coventry.ac.uk warnings.  After deleting the subdomain
option in the $INCLUDE statement, these warnings disappeared.


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