BIND 9.x compatibility with IP multipathing on Solaris 8

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Thu Apr 13 21:14:49 UTC 2006

David Reiss wrote:

>DNS Gurus with  Solaris implementations:
>I am implementing a slave BIND DNS server on Sun-Fire-V240  with multipathing on Solaris 8 
>The machine has two "local" addresses, and one "floating" IP which is the real 
>dns entry for the machine.
>Are there any known issues with BIND 9 and  multipathing on Solaris 8 ?
No issues that I know of. We use IPMP on our DNS servers and haven't had 
a problem. It should be transparent to BIND anyway.

>Is MultiPath IP  supported in active active mode or is active passive mode preferred ?
Not sure what you mean there. We have outbound load-balancing (multiple 
non-DEPRECATED) interfaces on our boxes, so that they can, in theory, 
take advantage of the full bandwidth of multiple upstream connections 
for inbound zone transfers. Is that what you mean by "active" mode, or 
what? The IPMP docs, as I recall, don't use the terms "active" or "passive".

                                                   - Kevin

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