Resolver Config

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Fri Apr 14 00:45:25 UTC 2006

Are you asking only about syntactical correctness? It should be fairly 
easy to test this configuration to see if it is syntactically correct or 
not. Offhand, it looks OK to me.

Or, are you asking whether it's a good plan or not? In my opinion, 
searchlists are wasteful abominations. Why not just populate the new 
domain with all of the information from the old domain, and set the 
default domain within the resolver configs to be the new domain? This 
should be transparent both to clients which are using shortnames to 
access resources, and also to clients that are using FQDNs, and in fact, 
will more clearly highlight the clients which are accessing resources 
using the old FQDNs so that you can follow up with them and get them to 
switch over. The downside, of course, is that if you have clients using 
both the old and new names for a particular name/record, and you need to 
do regular maintenance on it, you have to change the name/record in two 
different places. But that just gives one an added incentive to get 
those clients moved over completely!

                                                      - Kevin

Nitin Bhagnari wrote:

>Just wanted to verify if the following resolver config
>is correct:
>We were initially using a single domain name which is
>now to be replaced with a new one. For backward
>compatibility, we want to keep both the domains
>configured on our resolvers. Here is what we plan to
>new domain:
>old domain:
>more /etc/resolv.conf
>Can some one confirm that this is correct.

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