downloaded and saved Documents and Settings\...subfolders

Alan Bloom alan4100 at
Fri Apr 14 00:42:48 UTC 2006

Yesterday I downloaded and saved bind9.3.2 zip 
to the directory path: Documents and Settings\ ...some more subfolders... \DNSSERVER subfolder. Then clicked the zip file.  In the extraction process, it created a new subfolder beyond DNSSERVER folder called BIND9.3.2. In this BIND9.3.2 lists BINDinstall along others like NSlookup.exe, host.exe, named.exe  and so forth. Neverthless, I clicked on BINDInstall.exe in that directory.  
Did I do right so far? ISC BIND is now in the Administrative Tools/Services except not running.

Now I dont have the documentation except trying to read readme1st.txt.

Hope some one at this newsgroup will help to see that it is installed properly, first.

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