Strang name resolution behavior

Dr. Harry Knitter harry at
Wed Apr 19 05:08:54 UTC 2006


being new to this list I apologize if my question was already asked.

I have a server with SuSE 10.0 (with 9.2 I found the same problems).
Bind 9.3.1 is running and does its job well, when host or nslookup is used to 
resolv a hostname (fqd or not) in the internel domain (mydomain.local) 
forward and reverse and also for names outside.
Programs like ping don´t find any hosts if a FQDN is used. For:
ping -c2 hostname.mydomain.local
I always get:
unknown host hostname

Also (linux-)clients cannot resolv hostnames in the same way. The host command 
works, ping and requests from KDE-Applications fail.
Windows clients seem to be able to get correct answers.

What´s wrong?

The described behavior I found only on one machine. I have several other 
machines running under SuSE (several releases including the above) which run 

Thanks for help 



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