Very Strange Reverse DNS problems

Barry Margolin barmar at
Wed Apr 19 23:06:31 UTC 2006

In article <e26dp1$2ssv$1 at>,
 "Gary Galloway" <garyg at> wrote:

> I need some help resolving some very strange problems with Bind 9.3.1 running 
> on FreeBSD 6.0
> I have a reverse zone that will answer as authoritative with some address in 
> the zone but will answer non-authoritative with other addresses in the same 
> zone file and then refer the query to the root servers.  The zone is setup as 
> a master and is properly deligated to my server.  I am trying to migrate my 
> DNS off of a couple of a windows server but have been unable to do so as Bind 
> will not resolve the reverse addresses for my mail servers correctly.  Does 
> anyone have any idea as to what would cause this server to think it is not 
> authoritative on some IP address while still being authoritative on others in 
> the same zone ????

Please post a transcript of a session showing this, and your named.conf 
and zone files.

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