Enabling builtin profiler for BINd9.3.1

narendar reddy narendarreddy.pagadala at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 04:09:03 UTC 2006

I want to enable builtin profiler for lock overhead
to get mutex statistics for BIND9.3.1 on HPUX.
I tried by modifying  the following in ..bind-9.3.1/bin/named/main.c
if (want_stats) {

isc_mem_stats(ns_g_mctx, stdout);
 fp = fopen("/home/mutex_stats", "w");

and also changed #define ISC_MUTEX_PROFILE  0  to  #define ISC_MUTEX_PROFILE
1 in bind-9.3.1\lib\isc\pthreads\include\isc\mutex.h file.

after this I run the named process  using  #named -f -s -n 2

But i am unable to get the statistics in the file pointed by fp.

What more things i have to do to get statistics.

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