Can't resolve local domain

MikeDawg mikedawg at
Thu Apr 20 18:50:04 UTC 2006

Hi, this is sort of a newbish type question, and I can't figure out
what is going on with my local domain.  I'm also not 100% sure if this
problem is related to my Bind DNS setup, or whether it is a problem
with how I got my windows networking setup, hopefully someone will be
able to tell me one or the other.

I have bind running on my linux box, and I have setup a local domain
"xxxx.sys" in bind.

In bind, I have to zone files setup.

One is for, in the named.conf file showing:

zone "" IN {
        type master;
        file "primary/";
        allow-update {
        allow-query {
        notify no;

One is for the xxxx.sys domain, setup in the named.conf file showing:

zone "xxxx.sys" IN {
        type master;
        file "primary/xxxx.sys";
        allow-update {
        allow-query {

The contents of is the following:

@                       IN      SOA     ns.xxxx.sys.
hostmaster.xxxx.sys. (
                        1D )
xxxx.sys.            IN      MX      10 mail.xxxx.sys.    ;Mail Server
router.xxxx.sys.     IN      A    ;DD-WRT
slacker2.xxxx.sys.   IN      A    ;Slacker2
melement.xxxx.sys.   IN      A    ;Melissa
bad-ath64.xxxx.sys.  IN      A    ;Bad-Ath64
slacker.xxxx.sys.    IN      A    ;Slacker
firewall.xxxx.sys.   IN      CNAME   router.xxxx.sys.     ;Firewall and
ns.xxxx.sys.         IN      CNAME   slacker2.xxxx.sys.   ;Name Server
mail.xxxx.sys.       IN      CNAME   slacker2.xxxx.sys.   ;Mail Server
ns1.xxxx.sys.        IN      CNAME   slacker2.xxxx.sys.   ;Name Server
www.xxxx.sys.        IN      CNAME   slacker2.xxxx.sys.   ;www
bad-ath.xxxx.sys.    IN      CNAME   melement.xxxx.sys.   ;melement's
old name
xxxx.sys.            IN      NS      ns.xxxx.sys.         ;Name Server
xxxx.sys.            IN      NS      ns1.xxxx.sys.        ;Name Server


When I try to ping mail.xxxx.sys from my windows machine ( & it cannot find the IP address.

I can run nslookup using as the server, and successfully do
an IP lookup on mail.xxxx.sys

I definetely have the NS server for the network card set to, verified using ipconfig /all and looking at the list of
DNS servers allowed for the NIC.  When I try pinging various servers
from the linux machine, that is also running dns ( I can
ping any server on the domain. . . such as bad-ath64.xxxx.sys and it
finds the IP address just fine.

Bind starts up just fine, loads the proper xxxx.sys file, and the
correct serial number for the zone that I set.

What am I doing wrong here?  Is this a problem with bind? Or is this a
problem with my windows networking configuration?

Thanks for the help!

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