SV: SV: ACL and notify

Chris Thompson cet1 at
Thu Apr 20 21:36:05 UTC 2006

On Apr 20 2006, Ronni  Jensen wrote:

>This is getting quite annoying.. can't be true that it isn't possible,
>can it?
>Zytrax describes it in their ACL examples too...

I don't see anything about "also-notify" there. 

General ACL elements don't make much sense in also-notify. What would
it mean to specify a subnet, or a key?

A better match would be the "masters" clause, and in 9.3.x there is a
"masters" statement that enables you to define a named list of masters
that can be referenced later. It seems to me that it might be quite a
small tweak to allow such named lists to be referenced in "also-notify"
clauses as well. Maybe that is planned for some future release? 

Mark - any comment on that?

Chris Thompson
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