DIG from file???

mostro Adisegna at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 00:55:56 UTC 2006

1st. thanks for the answer

But, why do you care whether dig
looks at /etc/resolv.conf or not?

2nd. When dig uses the IP in resolv.conf it puts the full output in the
log file... There is no suppression....


You can control the output of the Answer Section with +ans/+noans. Your
+noadditional should already be suppressing output of the Additional
Section. Isn't it? If +noadditional is not working in your version of
dig, maybe you need to upgrade to a later version that understands the

If it's just the *comment* lines containing "ANSWER SECTION" and/or
"ADDITIONAL SECTION" that you want to suppress, you can use

As for looking at /etc/resolv.conf, I think this is pretty much
hardcoded into dig, either directly (because older versions call the
generic res_init()/res_ninit() function from the resolver library), or
indirectly (newer versions use the lwres_*() routines, which initialize
by default from /etc/resolv.conf). But, why do you care whether dig
looks at /etc/resolv.conf or not? It doesn't make any difference to the
output and shouldn't really be a performance issue either.

                                       - Kevin

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