suddenly not getting mail from bind-users list

Robert Cates robert at
Sun Apr 23 12:45:39 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I'm hoping that somebody on this list has experience with spamassassin 
as well as BIND.  I've been subscribed to the bind-users list for a 
while now, but since I've installed spamassassin all mail from the list 
was landing in my spam folder, so I added 'whitelist_from *' and 
'whitelist_to *' to the file, rebooted the machine and 
now (actually since 06:45 yesterday) I'm not getting any mail from the 
list at all.

Does anybody know what could be wrong?  Or is there a problem with the 
list at right now?

I run my own exim 4.54 MTA with SpamAssassin 3.04 and clamav 0.88, and 
I'm a subscriber to other mailing lists which I'm receiving as always.  
It's only the bind-users at I'm not getting right now.

Any/all help is greatly appreciated!
Oh, it would be really nice if you CC me directly, since I may not get 
the mail otherwise.
Thanks, Robert

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