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Tue Apr 25 02:23:27 UTC 2006

Barry Margolin wrote:
> In article <e2ip98$17sn$1 at>,
>  "Martyn Clark" <Martyn.Clark at> wrote:
>>Also I am using views and where it states
>>that when using 'views' all zones must be in views: does this mean that in
>>the named.conf you have only two parts internal and external? And no zones
>>what so ever outside on these views. Can anyone shed some light on these
>>errors form me.
> You can have as many views as you want, not jus tinternal and external.  
> But no zones may be outside the views.
> It would probably be nice if you could have zones outside the views, 
> which would be visible in all views, but that's not how it currently 
> works.  If you want the same zone to be visible in all views, you have 
> to repeat it within all of them.

Agreed, but you can minimize the busywork via an "include" for a file
containing common zones, right?

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