Link Local Multicast Name Resolution

Peter Dambier peter at
Tue Apr 25 21:47:43 UTC 2006

Jeffrey Stevens wrote:
> Does the BIND 9 provide responder code for queries to support LLMNR (like
> Microsoft uses)?

Would it make sense if it did?

Bind lives in a world of fixed ip addresses.

LLMNR lives in a world of self assigned random addresses.

They normally cannot see each other.

If it was otherwise then you would have at least DHCP and get fixed
addresses after all. No more reason to allow LL addresses. No more
reason to allow LLMNR.

Nevertheless you can teach Bind 9 to use the right port for LLMNR
but I dont think you can make it answer to multicast addresses.

And dont forget to remove the LL addresses from the bogon list in

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