unexpected rcode (SERVFAIL)

Scott Baker bakers at web-ster.com
Tue Apr 25 18:52:53 UTC 2006

Aha you're a genius! I didn't even think to check that the SOA was
right. I checked the zone file and everything looked 100%, so I
stopped bind and deleted all the .jnl files and started it up again
and everything seems file. My journals are populating and the
updates are making it to my secondary server now.


Chris Thompson wrote:
> On Apr 25 2006, Scott Baker wrote:
>> I'm seeing a lot of SERVFAIL in my logs when my slave tries to
>> transfer zones from my primary:
>> zone 251.182.65.in-addr.arpa/IN: refresh: unexpected rcode
>> (SERVFAIL) from master
> Well, ns1.web-ster.com [] seems to give SERVFAIL when
> looking up anything in that zone (not just transfers), while 
> ns2.web-ster.com [] replies more reasonably. Which, if
> either, of these are "my slave" and "my primary" ?
>> Most of it seems to be for my reverse DNS domains (which allow
>> DDNS). Is this the expected behavior for those domains?
> No.
>>                                                         What exactly
>> does this error mean? I can't seem to find a corresponding log entry
>> on the primary. What should I be looking for?
> SERVFAIL could be all sorts of things. Error at zone loading time?
> Complete absence of the zone from named.conf?
> Supposing ns1.web-ster.com is "my primary", then get it to serve the
> zone correctly (e.g. "dig soa 251.182.65.in-addr.arpa @" 
> should work) before worrying about zone transfers.

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