Debugging IXFR's; getting a partial IXFR

Wiley Sanders bind at
Wed Apr 26 22:05:47 UTC 2006

I just got finished debugging this strange problem between my slave
server running BIND 9.2.1 (yes I know I need to upgrade) and a master
running Windows 2000 (yes I know HE needs to upgrade worse than I do).
I was getting a partial IXFR from the master - he was updating one A
rec in his zone and incrementing the SOA SN, but all I was getting was
the new SOA record. The master has two identical SOA records for the
zone, at least when I pull the zone down with dig AXFR. I would get a
new .jnl file and all that. I did an "rndc trace 9" and didn't see
anything. I didn't have enough time to wait if my slave server wrote
back a perfect zone file to its cache.

I made a server entry for him with "request-ixfr no" and that fixed it.

I know, it's probably the MS server sending me bogus data, but is
there a tool out there that would debug my .jnl files to see exactly
what I get? I guess I could snoop the network connection next time
this happens, but that would be harder.


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