dns lookup timing cycling up and down

rsesnaski at yahoo.com rsesnaski at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 1 02:35:34 UTC 2006

> Sorry for the problems you are experiencing.
> I'm guessing you're being hit by this bug:
>    1773.   [bug]           Fast retry on host / net unreachable. [RT #13153]
> Basically, whenever an ENETUNREACH / EHOSTUNREACH error occurred on a query
> packet send, the server would time out for 2 seconds (and retry twice). This
> could happen if there is no route to a nameserver, eg. if an ns lookup returns
> an IPv6 address and you have no IPv6 network routes.

I was just going to post that the problem was briefly cleared up by
doing a restart on named. Does that fit the above profile?

This wasn't happening when we had it installed on another RHEL4 ES U1
host but when it lost a root drive I took all of it's named and dhcpd
and moved it over to this host with appropriate edits. Any other
possibilities here?


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