Automatic refresh secondary when primary change

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Thu Feb 2 04:38:18 UTC 2006

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 Mark Andrews <Mark_Andrews at> wrote:

> > PS: I have see this problem only for "external-in" view.
> > 
> > "internal-in" view is immediately updated on secodanry, when primary is 
> > updat
> > ed.
> > 
> > Thanks for reply
> 	Read the FAQ.  You need to ensure that the notify messages
> 	go to the correct view.

Why does this matter?  He said that the slave was immediately updating 
the file -- doesn't that imply that it received the notify?

His description of the problem doesn't make much sense to me.  He said 
the slave immediately updated the file, but didn't reload it.  The only 
way I can think this might happen is if the file contained a syntax 
error, so it got an error when reloading.  If this were happening, I'd 
expect an error message in the slave's log.

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