query root.hint first, then forwarders list

Aleksander aleksander at krediidiinfo.ee
Thu Feb 2 10:13:16 UTC 2006


Our nameserver did all queries itself, that is used the root name 
servers/root.hint zone. Now today something went really bad at the .ee 
registrar. The root nameservers could not resolve many .ee addresses and 
many local ISP's nameservers could not resolv other .ee addresses. So it 
was quite a mess. Point being, using dig I could resolve all the queries 
using different nameservers, root name servers versus local ones mainly.

The solution was to set up forwarders (forward first;) in the options 
and use our ISP's nameserver. That saved the day. Now the newspapers 
report that the problem is solved, which is great but something similar 
could happen again.

Now the documentations says I have two options. Either I let my 
nameserver first check the forwarders and if they fail then resolve the 
query itself via root.hint zone or rely only on the forwarders. Why is 
the option first try to resolve via root name servers and only then try 
the forwarders missing? I would gladly use that one.

Is there a reason why quering root nameservers first and only then the 
forwarders is considered a Bad Idea? Or is there another "backup" option?


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