Two More Questions on Hosting Three Domains on One Name Server

Tom Naves tom.naves at
Thu Feb 2 20:42:46 UTC 2006

I am going to host three domains on my dns servers:

The NS Record for each domain is:

        IN        NS
        IN        NS

Here are the SOAs for each domain:        IN        SOA   (        IN        SOA   (        IN        SOA   (

In summary, I am using the same master and slave nameservers to host the 
three domains.  I am using the same SOA and NS records for each of the three 

Is this correct?

I have another problem with the reverse lookup zones.  All three domains are 
on the same subnet and all three of the mail exchangers are on  two hosts: is on is on is on   is on is on    is on 

It looks to me that I cannot have a reverse lookup for all mail exchangers. 
So I will have reverse lookups for:

20        IN        PTR
21        IN        PTR

and none for the other four mail exchangers.

Should this be o.k.?

Sorry for belaboring this, but I cannot find the information andywhere.  It 
appears, sigh, to come with experience.


Tom Naves 

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