Wildcard depth on NAPTR records

Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Fri Feb 3 00:16:02 UTC 2006

In article <dru3or$2l8t$1 at sf1.isc.org>,
 "Ejay Hire" <ejay.hire at isdn.net> wrote:

> Hello all.
> I have a unusual problem.  We use DNS for telephone routing.
> I have a dns zone that contains NAPTR records, and have run
> in to the following problem.
> If I query my ns4, I get the proper response.  If I query my
> other server, I get a NXDOMAIN response.  NS4 is the master,
> the other server is a slave.  Replication is working
> properly, and both servers answer properly for other
> queries, in the same zone file.
> I'm querying for
> The wildcard entry that should match it in the zone file is
> *.1               IN NAPTR 100 11 "u" "E2U+SIP"
> "!^\\+*(.*)$!sip:\\1 at telco01.isdn.net!".     
> But when I do the following I get different results...  (on
> ns4)
> host -t NAPTR 
> NAPTR 100 11 "u"
> "E2U+SIP" "!^\\+*(.*)$!sip:\\1 at telco01.isdn.net!" .
> host -t NAPTR
> telco07.isdn.net
> Using domain server:
> Name: telco07.isdn.net
> Address:
> Aliases: 
> Host not found:

Whatever the problem is, it only seems to affect the 
4.1.e164-pstn.isdn.net, 6.1.e164-pstn.isdn.net, and 
8.1.e164-pstn.isdn.net.  Check the slave server to see if it has 
something shadowing these subdomains -- wildcards don't cross zone 

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