a small remark, maybe not the place for it....

Pete Ehlke pde at rfc822.net
Fri Feb 3 17:31:09 UTC 2006

On Fri Feb 03, 2006 at 08:50:39 -0800, Gregory Hicks wrote:
>> Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2006 12:56:30 +0100
>> From: vaillant at ganil.fr (Vaillant Daniel)
>> To: bind-users at isc.org
>> Subject: a small remark, maybe not the place for it....
>> hi, list-manager
>> This list is prolific and generate a lot of interesting mails.
>> Some (many)  lists have the feature to start with a tag
>> let's say [BIND-USERS] for instance.
>> This enable to eye-catch and eye-sort and eventually MUA-sort the mail.
>> My question is: why not to join this way of doing for bind-users.
>There are MANY, many lists that do NOT do this also.
>For me to sort out the bind-users mail, I look for @isc.org somewhere
>in the email.
>There are a few - very few - other lists where ISC people post there
>(Hi Joe!), but I recognize these and treat accordingly...
>So a good 'sort' filter?  "@isc.org"
This came up just a couple of weeks ago. Filter on one of these two

List-Id: <bind-users.isc.org>
X-List-ID: <bind-users.isc.org>

I do this in procmail, to drop list mail into individual mailboxes:

* ^(List-Id|(X-)?Mailing-List|X-List):\/.*

    * LISTID ?? ^.*[<]\/[^@>\.]*

    * LISTID ?? ^\/[^@\.]*

You could just as easily pipe through formail and add your own [BIND-USERS] 
tag to Subject:


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