How to Stop the "unexpected RCODE (SERVFAIL)" Messages?

imacat imacat at
Sun Feb 5 16:31:16 UTC 2006

On Sun, 05 Feb 2006 09:35:48 +1100
Mark Andrews <Mark_Andrews at> wrote:
> > syslog.  There are 1277 "unexpected RCODE (SERVFAIL)" in one hour:
> > imacat at rinse ~ % grep 'unexpected RCODE (SERVFAIL)' /var/log/messages |
> > grep '^Feb  4 21:'
> > Feb  4 21:00:32 rinse named[2037]: unexpected RCODE (SERVFAIL) resolving
> > '':
> > Feb  4 21:00:34 leaf named[2008]: unexpected RCODE (SERVFAIL) resolving
> > '':
> > ...
> > imacat at rinse ~ % grep 'unexpected RCODE (SERVFAIL)' /var/log/messages |
> > grep '^Feb  4 21:' | wc -l
> > 1277
> > imacat at rinse ~ % grep 'unexpected RCODE (SERVFAIL)' /var/log/messages |
> > grep '^Feb  4 21:00' | wc -l
> > 24
> > imacat at rinse ~ %
> >     I searched the archive.  On Sep 2, 2004 Kevin Darcy said that these
> > are problems of others' name servers.  There is nothing I can do here. 
> 	But there is.  You can report it.  The nameservers for
> 	If that fails report it to the parent (ARIN in this case) so the
> 	delegation can be withdrawn.
    Sorry, NO, I don't want to inform them.  I listed some PTR fail
messages, but there are thousands of A fail messages.  THEY ARE
SPAMMER, or spammers' victims that they pretend their senders as.  It's
sendmail that is trying to bounce the undeliverable spam that causes
these errors.  I have spent too much energy on these spammers regularily. 
I don't want to inform them, or even check if they are really spammers
or innocent victims and decide whether to inform them.

    And, with 24 messages per minute, 1277 per hour, 46724 per month,
are you asking me to check these messages for unique domains, check
these domains' whois records, inform their administrators seperately,
waiting for a couple of days, and then inform their parent
administrators?  Certainly you are not so cruel, are you?  I'm supposed
to have other better work to do.

    For years I haven't got any "lame-server" messages other than
'unexepected RCODE (SERVFAIL)' yet.  If the BIND team can provide a way
to disable only the 'unexpected RCODE (SERVFAIL)', but leave other
"lame-server" messages there, I would be very appreciated.  I would not
mind if I have to patch it.

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