stealth NS, delegated zone and forward zone

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Wed Feb 8 01:45:16 UTC 2006

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> Frank Y.F. Luo wrote:
> >two questions and thanks for the reply in advance.
> >
> >1) since stealth name server is not listed as the NS record in the zone
> >file, so where do we define a name server as a stealth one?
> >
> There are two types of slave servers: published slaves and stealth 
> slaves. If you're in the NS records for the zone, you're a published 
> slave; otherwise you're a stealth slave. There is no extra "definition" 
> required to make a slave a stealth slave: just define the nameserver 
> instance as a slave, and leave it out of the NS records.

Since the master only sends notifies to the published slaves, you 
probably want to put the stealth slaves in the "also-notify" lists of 
the zones they slave.

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