smtp server and CNAMEs

Harry Putnam reader at
Wed Feb 8 18:06:59 UTC 2006

Kevin Darcy <kcd at> writes:

> The PTR should point back to a name that owns the corresponding A RR, 
> not to a CNAME.


> Of course, you didn't show any "reader" A RR in the file for your 
> local.net0 zone, so it's difficult to verify the correctness of your 
> config...

Ahh sorry .. overzealous snippage...


local.net0.     IN SOA    reader.local.net0.  hostmaster (
                        200405191 ; serial
                        8H        ; refresh
                        4H        ; retry
                        4W        ; expire
                        1D )      ; minimum
; define the authoritative name server
local.net0.     IN     NS      reader.local.net0.
; [HP 01/30/06 09:56 The 10 indicates priority [lower is higher]]
                MX      10 reader.local.net0
; define domain functions with CNAMEs
smtp.local.net0.               CNAME		reader.local.net0.

; just in case someone asks for localhost.local.net0
localhost.local.net0.        A
; our hostnames, in alphabetical order
ansil.local.net0.           A
bjp.local.net0.             A
reader.local.net0.          A
fw.local.net0.              A
harvey.local.net0.          A
mob2.local.net0.            A

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