AIX can't resolv

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Wed Feb 8 21:14:45 UTC 2006

> In our mixed environment, we have one AIX host that is having trouble
> resolving names. Once you connect
> to it, if you then ssh anywheres, it comes back with
> Address X.X.X.X maps to , but this does not map back to the address -

	What does "dig -x X.X.X.X ptr" resolve to?

	What does "dig <name_returned_by_the_first_dig>" resolve to?
> After prompting, it then connects otherwise happily. Note the empty
> space after "maps to".
> If I add the target host to /etc/hosts, it makes no difference. I know
> /etc/hosts is being used because if I put a dummy
> hostname with a real IP, it makes the connection to that IP with the
> same message above. In fact, if I change
> the order of nameservers in resolv.conf, they don't seem to take
> either.  There is no nsswitch.conf and creating
> one with files,dns makes no difference.
> Don't know if this is related but every 5 seconds it queries the
> nameserver for loopback.fqdn (I turned on
> querylog on the ns to see this). Again, I added loopback and
> loopback.fqdn into /etc/hosts.
> Does AIX do something special for host resolution?
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