few hosts on one name server

Ivan Stupljanin stuplja at ninet.co.yu
Thu Feb 9 04:26:42 UTC 2006

I configured static DNS and zone file for my domain 'mysite.com' 
mysite.com.zone), and now I have to configure DNS and create zone files for 2 
more domains (from my friends) to host their presentations on my server 
'friend1.com' and 'friend2.com', because I have static IP address and they 
Here's zone for mysite.com:
 $ttl 86400
mysite.com.    IN SOA  ns1.mysite.com. root.mysite.com. (
            			NS         ns1.mysite.com.
            		        MX         10 ns1.mysite.com.
ns1.mysite.com.    	A            aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd
www   		        IN CNAME        ns1
mail    		        IN CNAME        ns1
ftp       		        IN CNAME        ns1
and next iz for friend1.com:

$ttl 86400
friend1.com.   IN SOA  ns1.mysite.com. root.mysite.com. (
               			NS         ns1.mysite.com
                 		MX         10 ns1.mysite.com
ns1.mysite.com.      A            aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd 	; the same static IP as 
www           		IN CNAME        ns1.mysite.com.
mail          		IN CNAME        ns1.mysite.com.
ftp           			IN CNAME        ns1.mysite.com.

from which I get errors (out-of-zone record) when I check it with some web 
online check tool.
Can somebody help me?


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