AIX can't resolv

Dave Stern dave at
Tue Feb 7 16:37:00 UTC 2006

In our mixed environment, we have one AIX host that is having trouble
resolving names. Once you connect
to it, if you then ssh anywheres, it comes back with
Address X.X.X.X maps to , but this does not map back to the address -

After prompting, it then connects otherwise happily. Note the empty
space after "maps to".
If I add the target host to /etc/hosts, it makes no difference. I know
/etc/hosts is being used because if I put a dummy
hostname with a real IP, it makes the connection to that IP with the
same message above. In fact, if I change
the order of nameservers in resolv.conf, they don't seem to take
either.  There is no nsswitch.conf and creating
one with files,dns makes no difference.

Don't know if this is related but every 5 seconds it queries the
nameserver for loopback.fqdn (I turned on
querylog on the ns to see this). Again, I added loopback and
loopback.fqdn into /etc/hosts.

Does AIX do something special for host resolution?


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