how to debug "no more recursive clients"

Frank Y.F. Luo luoy at
Thu Feb 9 19:25:27 UTC 2006

I guess you had internet connection problem when you had this problem - the
thread just waited there before it timed out so it is very easy to reach
that limit.

Interesting to know how to prevent this happens again - change the .hint
file so it replys with nxdomain for all internet domain names but resolves
local hosted domain name properly?


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> > > We have "forwarding DNS" setup, where all the internal DNS "forward
> > > first" to our recursive-only rns1 and rns2 (recursive ns).
> > >
> >
> >Why would you do that?
> So all our forwarding DNSs benefit from the consolidated, system-wide
> caches on rns1/2.  At 30 createfetches/second from rns1, our DNS
> traffic is pretty high.
> >Just have them do it themselves. There's no
> >advantage to forwarding by doing what you are doing and in fact
> Many of our MTAs running in parallel and running BIND do the same
> queries, so having those answers cached speeds up a lot of queries,
> esp often-very-slow PTR and RBL queries.
> >as you
> >are finding out, considerable disadvantages.
> The problem is not our system design which has worked for many weeks
> without problems, but what caused BIND9 to hit the 1000 recursive
> client limit twice, when the avg recursive client count is less than 60.
> Len
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