List of recursing querys

Frank Agerholm frank at
Thu Feb 9 23:28:42 UTC 2006


after my installation of bind 9.3 i found this new interesting Feature
"rndc recursing".

recusing-dumps contains a lot of querys to the same RR. I checked this
host via whois and dig an found out, that all nameservers for this zone
are unreachable from my Network. Ping probes from IPs of other ISPs are

For me this points to a lot of dublicated Querys in my Queue. Is there
an Option to define timeouts or idletimes for some
nameserver-to-nameserver query if there in no answer to my own querys?
(Like negative-caching-ttl for RRs)

I think i can reduce my number of connection if i'm able to deny this
ineffective querys for a while.



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