bind 9.3.2 dig win32 broken?

Danny Mayer mayer at
Thu Feb 16 13:56:22 UTC 2006

james.owen at wrote:
> Hi,
> Looks like it is finding 'localhost' and nothing else.
> Which reg entry is it seeking?
> from 'broken' version

It turns out that the problem is due to this code change in dighost.c
Line 948:

	if (isc_file_exists(RESOLV_CONF))
		lwresult = lwres_conf_parse(lwctx, RESOLV_CONF);

In this case since the resolv.conf file does not exist it does not call
lwres_conf_parse(). However in the Win32 case it needs to since that's
the code that reads the registry entries. Win32 has its own version of
this function.

For you, since you have the compiler and source code, you can comment
out the if statement and things will work again. The challenge is how to
fix the code properly so that it will work correctly.


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