rcode servfail/adns

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Thu Feb 16 23:24:02 UTC 2006

flatline wrote:

>At 23:08 16-2-2006, Mark Andrews wrote:
>>>At 21:53 16-2-2006, Mark Andrews wrote:
>>>>>I'm using adns and BIND to do mass reverse lookups for me, but I seem
>>>>>to have run into a problem which I couldn't fix for the past few
>>>>>days. For some reason, my PTR lookups (adns type adns_r_ptr_raw) are
>>>>>getting nothing but "unexpected RCODE (SERVFAIL) resolving
>>>>>'x.x.x.x.in-addr.arpa/PTR/IN':" results. AFAIK my BIND
>>>>>configuration ( http://greyhat.nl/named.conf ) is fine, but seeing
>>>>>all these remote errors coming from ns.ripe.net make me wonder about
>>>>>the sanity of my setup. I realise that this is a rather vague problem
>>>>>description, but I haven't come across any obvious hints yet. If you
>>>>>need more information, I'll be more than happy to provide that. Right
>>>>>now I'm just looking for any insights at 
>>all, since I'm completely stuck!
>>>>>Kind regards,
>>>>        The only hard piece of evidence and you go and obscure the
>>>>        details.
>>>>        Mark
>>>>Mark Andrews, ISC
>>>>1 Seymour St., Dundas Valley, NSW 2117, Australia
>>>>PHONE: +61 2 9871 4742                 INTERNET: Mark_Andrews at isc.org
>>>Oh, you wanted me to say that 90% of the IPs I'm
>>>trying to resolve actually are resolvable on
>>>other hosts, but I get this error on my box? I
>>>"obscured" that IP (I didn't obscure anything, I
>>>just used x.x.x.x as a "wildcard" for all the
>>>queries that are failing), because I fail to see
>>>the relevance of quoting a single IP out of
>>>thousands that is resolvable on your host, but
>>>fails to resolve on mine.  These IPs are from all
>>>over the world, on practically every ISP
>>>imaginable. Now for all of you who think I'm
>>>wrong in assuming this, here is one of the IPs in
>>>question: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>>        Well as you can see 28.84.IN-ADDR.ARPA is delegated to
>>        NS.RIPE.NET however it isn't serving it.  The other
>>        nameservers for 28.84.IN-ADDR.ARPA are serving it.
>>        Either NS.RIPE.NET needs to be fixed, the zone contents
>>        needs to be fixed or the delegation needs to be fixed.
>>        I suggest you contact the administators of 28.84.IN-ADDR.ARPA
>>        and get them to address the problem.
>>        Mark
>Are you seriously suggesting to contact RIPE, to 
>tell them around 4000 of their IPs don't resolve, 
>just on my host, but they work fine on another? I 
>think this is not a problem at RIPE, but rather 
>at my site, which is why I'm requesting help 
>here. I'm not sure if you fully understand the 
>problem, but I'm still looking for a solution to my situation. 
So far, you've given us no reason to believe that the problem is 
anything more than a combination of RIPE's misconfiguration combined 
with perhaps "adns"'es lack of robustness (maybe it's timing out queries 
too quickly). If you have some more diagnostic information to provide, 
then we'd be happy to review it.

                                                      - Kevin

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