Bind Forwarders Not Working.

Barry Margolin barmar at
Fri Feb 17 00:03:08 UTC 2006

In article <dt2gbv$3um$1 at>, Conrad G <cagotzmann at> 

> I am trying to enable Bind 9.3.x to use forwarders in the following 
> situation.
> First the query should check the local zones. If no zone is defined then 
> the forwarders should be queried.
> I have tried using forwarding first but this works in the reverse it 
> checks the forwarders first them the local.
> How do I get the server to query local first then the forwarders.

That's exactly how it works.  A server never recurses for zones it's 
authoritative for.  When it receives a query for some other zone, and 
the response isn't already cached, it recurses.  Recursion queries the 
forwarders; if none of them respond, and "forward first" is configured, 
it then works its way down from the root servers.

Can you show the evidence that makes you think it's working the opposite 

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