Regarding BIND9.3.2

Paul Vixie vixie at
Sun Feb 19 23:14:31 UTC 2006

christ lee <christfer1.lee at> writes:

> I recently came to know that new version of BIND (bind9.3.2) is
> released.  if you have any idea about the changes made from bind9.3.1 to
> bind9.3.2 with respect to improve the query throughput, just give me
> reply.

As barmar said, there's a CHANGES file you can look at to find out what's
new in any given version of BIND9.  Query throughput has improved slightly
in 9.3.2, and we now know that using the internal "malloc" will improve it
even more (that's a build parameter).  However, the real performance boost
will come in 9.4.0, especially on multiprocessors.  If your only known
reason to upgrade is performance, then you need to be aware of more good
reasons -- see the CHANGES file -- but if you can't be convinced to just
run-the-latest-greatest then you should plan on 9.4.0 as an upgrade point.
Paul Vixie

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