Round Robin and BIND

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Thanks For your answers 
No I'm not talking about reqursive query :) also thanks for explanation but
I know How it work but my question is sometimes bind did not make right
rotation ! sometimes it's giving same response 


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> I tested to run round robin on BIND ( old version 9.2.3 I guess ) but I
> that bind is sending request to nodes not equal . Anybody have a knowledge
> about this ? Maybe in new version it starts to work much better ? or any
> advise :-) 

Round-robin refers to the order of the answers in a response.  To see 
this, do "dig a" several times and you'll see that the A 
records are in a different order each time.

It sounds like you're talking about the order in which it selects 
nameservers to send recursive queries to.  That is *not* round-robin.  
It remembers the response time of previous queries, and prefers servers 
that respond quicker.

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