Reverse nameserver entries in CIDR network

Karl Auer kauer at
Wed Feb 22 07:11:03 UTC 2006

I am trying to get my head around reverse nameserver entries :-)

We have a network 82.130.64/18. This is implemented, as needs must, as
64 zone files, one for each /24 subzone (i.e.,

At present, I'm putting nameserver information in there which is
identical for each subzone:

    @ IN NS

So regardless of which subzone is queried, nameserver information shows

My question is, is this sensible, standard, expected...?

I'm thinking perhaps all I really need is nameserver information in the
first subzone, so someone that looks up the nameservers for
gets the right info. The other addresses (say aren't
really special within the CIDR network, but they do look that way to the
untutored eye (i.e., they look like /24 network addresses).

What do others do with nameserver info for classless reverse networks?

Regards, K.

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