Can BIND use Internal Domain name?

Peter Dambier peter at
Fri Feb 24 00:34:21 UTC 2006

"Hawthorne" should be written "Hawthorne." and means the TLD toplevel
domain "Hawthorne".

This domain belongs into the root "."

Alternatively you can create a "" file on your dns-server.
Now "Hawthorne" can be found on your server although it is not in the

Where do you define "hawsrv02"?

If it is in "" file then it becomes "hawsrv02.Hawthorne".

If you dig for "hawsrv02.Hawthorne" you will find your cname.

If you really want a "hawsrv02" do it in your /etc/hosts, all of them.

I remember several companies I worked for, who used to distribute their
/etc/hosts on 60, 80 and 500 computers and had the users to do all the

DarrellE wrote:
> I have a small network were the local domain is "Hawthorne" thats it.
> No .com or .net.  Bind has been working fine until I wanted to start
> adding cname and manualy entering host for internal websites.  Internet
> resolution seems to be working fine, but internal has issues finding
> the local name. ie:  intranet has a cname for hawsrv02 and the full
> name would be intranet.Hawthorne.  When i use nslookup for intranet or
> intranet.Hawthorne I get nx server failure, but internet resolution
> works fine.  I will post my config file later.
> Thanks

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