Forward external queries

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Sat Feb 25 00:13:06 UTC 2006

Kris wrote:

>Thx for replying Kevin.
>I had problems with my backup DNS server that wasn't updated correctly
>(I think I posted something about that before), and I was adviced to
>create a view (that I didn't use before) that contains my zones, and I
>have to say that I have no more problems with transfers ...
>But you're right, it's not specifically useful, because the DNS servers
>here manage names for internal use only, but the new proxy resolves
>against those servers. What I saw is just something like this :
>24-Feb-2006 09:48:08.788 info: client 192.168.x.x#33821: view
>internalview1: query: IN A +
>but no results to my 'host' command (!)
>What I suppose is that there's maybe a problem on the external DNS I
>point to. We're a branch office so it's not directly an internet
>server. I'll try with direct access to our ISP DNS server instead of
>our primary office's.
>Regarding the other zones, I'll remove the useless ones.
>Kevin, what's the easiest way to configure a server in order to make it
>forward a query directly to an external server if the queried
>domainname is not in the zones defined locally ?
>I thought that "forwarders" did that, but if it foward first, it's not
>the purpose ...
>So in the simplest example, if I have one and only master zone
>"" on my DNS server for my internal network, and the
>simplest BIND config for this one zone, what do I have to add to make
>my server forward a query to an external server if it's not in
>"" ? What are the minimum directives to add to do that ?
Defining forwarders in the "options" clause should do that, just make 
sure to specify "forward only" if you have no other way  to resolve such 

                                                - Kevin

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