Interpreting query logs

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Sat Feb 25 00:37:27 UTC 2006

Skeeve Stevens wrote:

>Can anyone explain what all these mean please.
>client x.x.22.99#1025: query: IN MX -E
>client x.x.209.6#1080: query: IN A -
>client x.x.50.145#48690: query: IN A -E
>client x.x.131.8#1027: query: xxx IN MX +
>client x.x.80.10#32785: query: IN A +
>client x.x.80.10#32785: query: IN MX +
>MX -E
>A -
>A - E
>MX +
>A +
>And so on?
MX and A are QTYPEs. + or - indicates whether the Recursion Desired (RD) 
flag was set on the query. "E" indicates whether EDNS was in use. "S" 
(not shown in your example) would indicate that the query was signed.

This is all documented under the "queries" category in the "logging" 
section of the ARM.

                                          - Kevin

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