Bind 9 slaves - new zones are never picked up

Joe Greco jgreco at
Sat Feb 25 21:16:31 UTC 2006

> > Interestingly enough, I was debugging this very issue earlier today on a
> > BIND 9.3.1 authoritative nameserver.
> > 
> > I get a "server reload successful" in reply to the reload command and
> > nothing in reply to a reconfig.  Zones listed in the config file are 
> > not retransferred (I deleted just to see) and the new
> > zones added are not transferred either.  Server returns SERVFAIL for
> > requests.
> 	If you want to re-transfer a zone use "rndc retransfer".
> 	Reload / reconfig will not retransfer a existing zone.
> > I've not come to a resolution just yet.  I hate to go gunning down the
> > server to force the issue...

"reconfig" implies it won't retransfer an existing zone.

"reload" doesn't seem to imply that.

  reload        Reload configuration file and zones.
  reload zone [class [view]]
                Reload a single zone.
  refresh zone [class [view]]
                Schedule immediate maintenance for a zone.
  retransfer zone [class [view]]
                Retransfer a single zone without checking serial number.
  freeze zone [class [view]]
                Suspend updates to a dynamic zone.
  thaw zone [class [view]]
                Enable updates to a frozen dynamic zone and reload it.
  reconfig      Reload configuration file and new zones only.

Basically I need a command that tells the nameserver to "get yer rear in
gear and serve your configured zones.  Fetch 'em if you need to, whatever."
For us, this is not a game; we're not willing to sit there and twiddle 
around with various different commands trying to make different revisions
of BIND feel good, because the automatics are expected to be able to go 
and provision a new zone and get it working without lots of human
intervention and manual verification.  I also don't expect to have to go
through a lot of manual twiddling if I decide something's amiss and I
blow away the secondaries zone directory, there should be some command I
can issue to have it just go about its business and make everything good
again.  If I have to use "retransfer", that means iterating zone by zone
through the conf file.

I would have expected, based on the documentation, that the universal
reload-it-all command would be "reload".

Anyways, it turns out that in 9.3.1, if you omit the port on transfer-source,
it apparently uses a wildcard even though you've supplied an address.  At
least, the logs showed it as or whatever...  sigh.

... JG
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