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> 5.      otherwise, when primary dns(=internal dns) receives query about DMZ
> hosts information, internal dns is supposed to forward external dns(because
> external dns is  set up as forwarder) 
> external dns have to search its own external zone and response to internal
> dns.
> but, external dns(=forwarder) didn??t search own DMZ zone and response is
> failed.

You haven't shown us the configuration, so it's hard to tell for sure.  
But my guess is that the DMZ hosts are in the same domain as the 
internal hosts.  A server will never forward for names in a domain it is 
authoritative for.  You need to have the internal and DMZ hosts in 
different zones.

You could put the internal hosts in a subdomain, like  Or you could delegate subdomains for all the 
DMZ hosts, e.g.

exthost1 IN NS
exthost2 IN NS

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