Filtering RR on slave server.

Nicolas nicolas at
Tue Feb 28 07:28:17 UTC 2006

Kevin Darcy wrote:
> If it's not serving the same data as the master, it's not a replica, now 
> is it?

Yes, this sound right, but...

> Define it as master if you want to serve *different* data than the 
> real/other master is serving.

.... I don't have control on the master server, and no one will told me 
when some changes occure in the master.

Currently, the master hold several A records for any given host (mostly 
RFC1918 address). Only a subset of those address are reachable from our 
private network, so I need to hide the unreachable one.

I currently use sortlist to have the reachable A records returned first, 
but sometimes, for no good reason, the clients do not use them in that 

So, what I exactly need is a way to receive the whole zone from the 
master, then remove the A records that give unreachable IP address, then 
build a zone (possibly a master one) form this subset.

As I told previsouly, I can do that with an external program that use 
one zone file to build the other, but I'm looking for a cleaner way to 
to it.

Of course, if it is the cleanest way, I will use it.


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