Configuration about bind name serser.

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Fri Jun 2 01:57:45 UTC 2006

In article <e5n31l$1dls$1 at>, mca.jyoti at wrote:

> I'm sandip's friend and we are working with this for last few weeks.yup
> we want to
> only 10 IP's in a random order at a time.I'm not going to restrict it
> in
> 10 IPs.from anywhere if u request for or if u do
> dig u'll get different set of 10 IP's in a RR order.
> the usefulness is that if any user req for he will get
> response
> from one of that 10 IPs not from one of 55 IP pools.
> Any idea how to do that ?

When sandip first posted, I responded:

> > > >  Ordinary BIND cannot do this.  You'll need to modify the source code
> > > >  yourself, or use a different nameserver.

Why do you now ask me how to do it when I said you can't?

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