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> We currently have 3 external DNS servers. Now For a one of the zone I want
> to serve out internal IPs for certain hosts.. so I am planning on running
> view's on those 3 external DNS servers.. now we also want to run 1 external
> DNS server but having issues with the network guys wanting to forward port
> 53 tcp/udp to the internal IP to  act as a slave to the master that is
> external..
> So here is my question.. if I setup the internal one as a caching only
> server and it looks up will the external dns servers see
> that as an internal view or as an external view?

It will decide if it's internal or external depending on how the address 
of the internal server matches the "match-client" clauses in the views.  
If it goes through a NAT router, the client address will be the router's 
outside address.

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