Different Reverse for Forward?

Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Tue Jun 6 00:35:27 UTC 2006

In article <e61jl1$1c6v$1 at sf1.isc.org>,
 "Shaheen" <wael.shaheen at gmail.com> wrote:

> East Village wrote:
> > So:
> > ns1.nameserver.com = (my DNS server)
> > = www.example.com (my ISP DNS server)
> .
> when sending e-mail make sure that the @domain corresponds with the
> reverse lookup
> IE/ test at example.com from []
> [] = example.com

Why do you think this is necessary?  Many organizations have their 
domain as another name for their web server, so the reverse of their 
mail server's address can't map to their domain name.  Or they use 
different servers for incoming and outgoing mail, so = 
outgoing.example.com, which wouldn't even be the MX for example.com.

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