Forwarding Requests to an External Name Server

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Tue Jun 6 03:34:49 UTC 2006

> I have several internal name servers are that still running BIND  
> 8.3.7-REL running under BSD/OS 4.3.1.  Normally, this version of BIND  
> behaves the same as BIND 9.3.x that is running on various Linux  
> systems and appears to be a little more robust.
> The BIND 8.3.7-REL systems are internal master name servers that  
> function as name servers of last resort for all internal name  
> servers.  If they cannot answer the DNS query locally, they are  
> configured to forward all DNS queries to an external name server.   
> The global section of named.conf has both forwarders {...}; and  
> forward only; statements.
> Over the weekend, one of the internal servers began forwarding  
> queries for an internal-only zone to the external name server  
> although it had a valid copy of the internal zone.  What can cause  
> this to happen?

	If the zone has expired it will do this if I remember
	correctly.  Similarly if a reload of the zone fails for
	some reason.

	Note 8.3.7-REL has bugs which are fixed in 8.4.7-REL.
> To clear the problem, I had to stop the name server and then restart  
> it.  This is unusual as we, typically, only stop and restart BIND is  
> when we change versions of BIND or apply a patch to the operating  
> system.
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