UDP packet loss

Pavel Urban urbanp at mlp.cz
Thu Jun 8 19:36:41 UTC 2006

Rick Jones wrote:
> Patrick Klos <pklos at osmium.mv.net> wrote:
>> I'd say your biggest problem is the 214 million packet receive
>> errors!  Find the source of those errors, and you'll likely take
>> care of your problem.  Your machine is tossing 1 out of every 4 or 5
>> packets!
> IIRC, 99 times out of 10 those packet receive errors are the socket
> buffer overflowing.
> Now, to actually get a larger socket buffer, you may need to tweak the
> sysctl settings _and_ something in the named config file.  Sysctl to
> raise the limit and named config file to make sure that named doesn't
> "undo" it by asking for something smaller.
> However, that will only help if the issue is occasional bursts of
> requests and the average request rate remains within the limits of the
> server.  If the average request rate is higher than the server can
> satisfy, no increase in the socket buffer will help.
> rick jones

That's what I thought. I just need to know what to change on Bind level. 
Operating system keeps this limit OK, but I don't know if Bind is 
actually using it. I don't think that hardware couldn't keep up with 
traffic (processors are at least 20% idle), about 4GB ram free etc, but 
maybe there is something more to tweak. Suggestions, anyone?


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